About Artworking

ArtWorking strives to be a regional resource for artists and entrepreneurs seeking to engage in meaningful careers. We provide mentorship to artists and entrepreneurs with developmental and intellectual disabilities. We work to help create sustainable and enriching careers that are both individual and personalized. We actively seek local and regional opportunities for artists and small business owners to compete with their non-disabled peers in mainstream communities, engage in leadership opportunities, and demonstrate their capacity for excellence.

Artworking serves artists within its own professional studio workspace as well as in community and private settings. This may include an artist’s personal studio space, or at public events, workshops, and sales opportunities. Artworking maintains its own Supported Self Employment Program, which offers a wide range of business specific supports to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. As a result, we are able to provide a seamless transition from fostering artistic growth to developing a small business. Artworking actively seeks opportunities for our artists and business owners to compete with their non-disabled peers in local and regional markets while fully participating in the mainstream art and business communities. Artworking currently works with just over thirty individual artists and small businesses. Some of the areas that our staff have extensive experience in include fine art, small business management, product development, benefits management, and human services.    


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Artworking’s Studio is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 4:30pm.    

Contact Us:

Email: info@artworking.org

Artworking Studio Phone: (608) 442-5294

Studio Address:

1945 W. Broadway

Madison, WI 53713

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1955 W. Broadway #100

Madison, WI 53713